Evaluation preparation.

To work effectively with an independent evaluator, it can be helpful to consider the following questions:


1. What do you want an evaluation to achieve? What questions would you like the evaluation to answer?

2. What quantitative data is available to support the evaluation process? How can this data be accessed, and will it require any data cleansing or validation prior to use?

3. What qualitative data already exists to support the evaluation process?

4. What stakeholders are available to contribute to the evaluation process, and are they familiar with the concept of an independent evaluation? Getting the buy-in and commitment of internal staff teams is particularly important.

5. What timescales would you like the evaluation process to observe? Evaluations can be conducted against a variety of timescales. These could include the initial business development phase, to help illustrate to funders your commitment to programme learning and legacy, mid-term evaluations and end of programme evaluations. 

If you would like to explore how an evaluation could be structured to support the work of your organisation, please get in touch.