Evaluation aims

What are the aims of an effective evaluation?

Our key aim throughout the evaluation process is to produce insightful and engaging evaluation reports that illustrate both the impact and future development possibilities of programmes.

If you have specific questions that you would like the evaluation to address, we will ensure that these are factored into the process.

We will consult both quantitative and qualitative sources of data and intelligence to produce reports that provide readers with a holistic understanding of each programme.

We will utilise infographics, charts, testimonials, case studies, special focus features, digital images and, if necessary, cartoon illustrations to help key stakeholders understand the impact of each programme.

Where programmes are struggling to achieve their intended outcomes, we are committed to sensitively assessing the root causes of underperformance and devising pragmatic solutions that allow organisations to move forward.

This is a crucial part of organisational learning, in order to support a culture of continuous improvement which, in today’s competitive funding environment, funders, commissioners and policy makers expect.