Independent evaluation

Sometimes it’s helpful to get a fresh pair eyes to look at a problem. Over the years, ConnectMore Solutions have offered independent evaluation services to organisations working on a diverse range of projects including employability, financial wellbeing, health and wellbeing, youth work and supported housing.

If possible, we like to work with clients from the outset of their business development process to help them devise funding applications, evidence local needs and develop service models and evaluation frameworks, before going on to evaluate a ‘live’ programme.

We have also helped clients who are considering engaging an independent evaluator for the first time. Often this happens when organisations have been asked by their funders or commissioners to conduct an evaluation. The evaluation process can often identify organisational development issues that we can support you with. In the past, this has embraced diverse issues such as governance, fundraising, quality assurance, marketing, leadership development, staff training and inductions.

Throughout the evaluation process we are committed to helping organisations evidence their impact through the development of engaging and readable reports that articulate both the strengths and future development points of programmes. 

These reports are always designed to inform ‘what works’ and help ensure that the key learning from programmes is captured to inform a progressive legacy. This is crucial in order to ensure that key learning is shared across the UK and beyond so  that public funding is used as wisely as possible.

Over the past decade, ConnectMore Solutions has been led by Richard Hazledine with support from a small number of associate evaluation professionals.